What Should You Do If Your Diet Isn’t Working?


You may have heard people saying that their diet isn’t really working. The sad news is, this is expected. There is no fixed reaction to what we eat. Some people require more food than others. Every body also requires a diet that is unique only to you. So what if you are in a situation…

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Advanced and Intermediate Tips on How to Change Eating Habits

eating habits

In order to establish healthy eating habits, it is crucial to fine tune your intuition on a daily basis. Intuition is all about knowing that inner voice inside you. By having a deep understanding about your feelings and internal reactions, you will have an understanding on which food you want to consume. But of course,…

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How to Get Your Body Ready for Exercise

Exercise is an important and effective activity that can help maintain, and even improve your health. But it is not just an activity meant to cut calories or burn fat. In fact, it can help change your overall disposition. Performing physical activities can help raise the level of happy hormones that you are going to…

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Healthier Eating Habits By Understanding Outside Influences

outside influences

Healthy eating habits have always been the goal. What most people don’t know is that the road to fixing your health is to understand your intuition. Since not everybody is structured the same way, you have to make sure that you listen to what your body is telling you. However, healthier eating habits may seem…

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7 Creative Ways On How to Enhance Intuition


One of the reasons why individuals conduct certain behaviours is due to societal pressures, or how we were brought up. It is our tendency to listen to logic and societal trends that made us do what we do. But have you ever ended up listening to your inner voice recently? Intuition plays a major role…

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5 Easy Steps to Sleep Better And Have a Productive Work Day

sleep better

Have you experienced working, or perhaps going to class without sufficient amount of sleep? This can be tiring. Not only does it make you commit mistakes, you are also less productive for the entire day if you lack sleep. This is why people are looking for ways on how they can sleep better generic antabuse…

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Ways on How to Achieve Biochemical Balance

biochemical balance

Optimum health can be achieved with the right physical and emotional state. However, is this always the case? It is also important to take a closer look your body’s biochemical balance. By this I mean your digestive, hormonal and chemical balancing throughout the body.  Just how important is it to achieve biochemical balance in your…

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Things You Need to Know About Biochemical Detoxification

biochemical detoxification

You’ve done everything from meditation to listening to your body. However, you still feel that there is something off about you. Perhaps, what you need is biochemical detoxification. Biochemistry detoxification is aimed towards resetting the body’s overall chemistry. What exactly takes place during biochemical detoxification? If you will be looking at our body, we are…

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How to Effectively Say No To Foods That Are Unhealthy

say no to foods

There are times when you feel weak against comfort foods. Over the years, obesity has become a pandemic, mainly because people can’t control how they eat why not try here. There are times when you need a smart approach on how you eat and say no to foods that are unhealthy. Here are few strategies…

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How To Create Healthy Habits Consistently Without Going Backwards?

create healthy habits

Have you ever wondered why New Year’s resolutions don’t work? You are going strong for the first few days, only to fall short after the 7th day? How exactly do you create healthy habits that make a huge impact in your life? According to psychologists, habits are actions that are consciously repeated in 21 days.…

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