Advanced and Intermediate Tips on How to Change Eating Habits

eating habits

In order to establish healthy eating habits, it is crucial to fine tune your intuition on a daily basis. Intuition is all about knowing and trusting that inner voice inside you. By having a deep understanding about your feelings and internal reactions, you will have an understanding on how to look after yourself and your health – including eating foods which will nourish you the most. But of course, it can be easier said than done. How exactly do you do this? Here are some tips on how to help improve your intuition and eating habits in the process.

Be in the moment

The first step towards having a positive change on your eating habits is to be in the present time. Could you imagine being pre-occupied about certain things in your life and still be able to find the right food decision for your body? This is something hard to accomplish. Listening takes practice but most importantly it needs to be done without distractions.

So how exactly do you get your mind in the present? There are many strategies on how to do this. For instance, you can do deep breathing exercises in order to re-focus on the present. If you think that it doesn’t work, then you may want to try something that is a bit stronger. Start things off by breathing in and thinking about light entering your head. Then breathe out and imagine the light leaving your body and going into the Earth. Next, breathe in and imagine light coming from the earth into your feet and then breathe it out through your body and into the sky. You can do this a couple of times until you feel calm and centered.

After you are in the present, you can now ask yourself if you really need the food. You can also ask yourself what you are going to feel eating the food? By being honest with yourself, you will be able to find the right eating habit that is right for you.

Deal with stress

Stress is another tricky part of the equation that can get you to eat the wrong foods at the wrong time. Emotions can drive you to feel hungry or do things that you would otherwise not choose to do, often detrimental to yourself. Always ask yourself if you are eating for hunger or for emotional reasons.  Instead of stress eating, it is important that you spend some time acknowledging these emotions.

How exactly can you deal with stress? A great and easy option is to let the emotion flow through your body. Perhaps, you can give yourself a few minutes to feel the new emotion. Keep allowing this emotiont to flow through until it not longer has a charge. After you have done this, as rule of thumb, give yourself a good ten minutes before asking yourself again if you are hungry or which food you want to eat.

Dealing with exhaustion?

Maybe you are just tired? Then, keep in mind that you may not be able to make the right food decision in this particular scenario. One great way to enhance your eating habit is by first addressing the cause of your feeling tired.

Perhaps, you are dehydrated? You can drink a lot of water first to see if it does help you. Next, you can go and meditate. Did you know that 15 minutes of mindful meditation per day is equivalent to having 4 hours of sleep?

Next, you can also try to do deep breathing exercises in order to help stop your body from feeling exhausted. If not, you can also do exercises and see just how it can help improve your body.


Having healthy food and lifestyle habits doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to remember to ask your body BEFORE you make your choices. By addressing factors that may sabotage the right answers, you’ll be able to help improve your habits and have a healthier version of yourself.  Are you now ready to improve your eating habits?


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